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Confessions of a wax virgin

It’s not every day you find yourself stark naked and spread-eagled in front of a woman wearing latex gloves with a spatula of chocolate hot wax.

To take you back to the beginning of how this all began, I landed my first job with Strip Wax Bar, working as their marketing assistant. As a girl who has been too petrified to step out of the shaving world, I was suddenly being plunged into the waxing scene when I got invited to be a model for a Brazilian wax. Before I worked for Strip, I heard that they are the UK’s best specialist waxing salon, so I knew I was in good hands.

I was getting my first ever wax at their Chelsea salon, which was the most luxurious, elegant salon I’ve ever been in – I felt like royalty! I got shown straight away to my treatment room. I was having my wax done in their chocolate room with was smothered in chocolate themed wallpaper and chocolate oils (you can buy the oil online here >) and wax – the room smelt like heaven, which eased my nerves slightly as the wax looked good enough to eat, literally.

My therapist, Flori, who is one of Strip’s Senior therapists, asked me a few questions about my waxing/shaving history and what I wanted out of the experience whilst showing me into the room. To be honest, at this stage, I wasn’t really paying any attention as my eyes were transfixed on the chocolate. Still a bit of a nervous wreck, she made me feel at ease and asked me to remove my bottom half of clothing and hop onto the bed when she left the room. “Even my knickers?!” I asked myself in a mild panic. What have I got myself into? Of course, she was going to see everything and has obviously done this many of times as she was a professional.

Flori came back into the treatment room and in walks another training therapist, who I only met the day before. All I remember saying was “well, this is the quickest time I have ever shown my lady parts to a someone I met yesterday”. – The nervous, awkward jokes needed to stop Georgia. She lifted up the towel, (not just a section… the whole thing) and inspected my ‘lady garden’, with me cringing at the thought of showing two complete strangers, I just wanted the bed to swallow me up. What if it doesn’t look right? Have I got too many ingrown hairs? My anxiety reached sky high. Trying not to make awkward eye contact whilst she put tea-tree oil over my lady parts, Flori began to spread the low-temperature hot wax, which was surprisingly soothing. (Not burning hot, rip-off-your-skin wax, which is what I thought was coming). When the thought of a sharp, burning, ripping my skin pain was replaced with a small, prick of slight discomfort, I remember thinking – Oh, have you done it?!

During the wax, Flori wanted to make this experience as quick and pain-free as possible, so the treatment was very fast pace. However, she was blissfully unaware of the conversation I was having in my head “Did she seriously just ask me to lift up my legs in the air? “No one should ever see my butt from this angle?!” “Please don’t fart, please don’t fart”
The wax was over in no time, and the whole time I was just thinking about my bottom half looking like a chocolate fondue, I honestly wanted to dip a strawberry on a stick into the wax – it looked and smelt divine. The funky up beat music playing in the room during my treatment made me feel at ease and afterwards I just wanted to hit the town. Flori did an amazing job and has successfully converted me to waxing. I will never go back to shaving again. She took her time, made sure my nerves went away and I felt completely comfortable, which I never do! I left completely hairless and my wax was virtually pain free. The wax is a low temperature hot wax which is not ‘hot’ but warm and for me, helped soothed the post wax areas. I will definitely be back in the salon after a hard day’s work at Strip Head office!

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Google Reviews

  • Got a Brazilian here and it’s the most painless waxing experience I’ve ever had. Also very good wax job, and she really made me feel relaxed and comfortable too… which is not easy when you’re half naked getting waxed! Will def go back.

  • This place is awesome. Every time I’ve come they have offered top notch service. They make me super comfortable, they are beyond friendly, and the wax is done to perfection. All of the Strip locations are great but I think the City location is the best for customer service and friendliness. Highly recommend everyone go here for!!

  • As it was my first waxing I was quite nervous. There was no need to be. The staff were friendly and professional. Eva put me at ease by explaining everything. She did an amazing treatment, virtually pain free. Will definitely be back. Thank you Eva and all the staff .

  • Hands down the best wax I have ever had. This was my first time going to Strip and there was no pain whatsoever and it was over so quickly! I have very sensitive skin and am always in pain whenever I get a wax however, I had none of these issues here! Will 100% be back.

  • I have been looking for a hair removal salon since leaving NYC. A lot of beauty salons use mediocre wax, however at Strip they use the proper black wax which is the best and most comfortable way to remove hair it is also super quick. Staff could not have been more friendly helpful and professional. I will definitely be returning to Strip!

  • I could pay less than half the price at a local salon but always have my treatments done with you because you’re the best I’ve found. You always make it as comfortable as possible and I really, really appreciate your hygiene standards. The things I’ve seen at other salons make me cringe, but your therapists are meticulously clean. A touch of luxury helps make it a much more pleasant experience too! Thanks!

  • My fourth wax at Strip and as always a positive experience! All the ladies are so lovely, professional and knowledgeable, doing whatever they can to ensure you get the best results and have the best experience – I could not recommend Strip enough! Can’t wait to go back again!

  • Just had my very first Brazilian wax and was pretty nervous, but Isobel put me at ease straight away. I felt really cared for and it wasn’t embarrassing at all; and not anywhere near as painful as I’d feared.

    I’ve signed up for their special offer of 5 for the price of 4. Isobel has completely changed the way I think about waxing. Thank you!

  • This was my first Hollywood Wax and I was nervous. The reception staff were extremely helpful with my questions beforehand. Holly my waxing technician, was extremely friendly, helpful and really put me at ease. It hurt a little, but nothing to how I thought it was going to and it was over very quickly. Definitely will be coming back! Thank you to the whole team for a fantastic service!

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