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Laser Hair Removal

Best in class laser technology for permanent reduction in unwanted hair

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  • Pricing From £10
  • Procedure time From 15 minutes
  • Downtime None
  • Duration of results Long term - results may vary

Laser Hair removal is a safe and effective permanent solution of unwanted hair for Men and Women.

We use the latest technology which combines two lasers Alexandrite 755mm and the NGYag 1064mm to ensure suitability for ALL skin types including darker skin tones. Laser Hair removal is suitable for all areas of the face and body! laser destroys the hair in the active cycle ( anagen stage ) which is approximately 20% of the hair growth, so you will see a reduction of up to 20% in the growth after each session. Laser also has the added benefit of reducing the effects of folliculitis leaving your skin smooth and hair free!

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Small Areas Single
Underarms £80 £
Upper or Lower Lip £50 £
Chin £65 £
Neck £80 £
Nose or Ear or Centre Brow £45 £
Peri Anal £65 £
Nipples £40 £
Cleavage (line only) £55 £
Cheeks or Sideburns or Jaw line £75 £
Fingers & Toes £50 £
Navel Line £55 £
Feet or Hands (inc. Toes / Fingers) £55 £
Medium Areas
Bikini Line £90 £
G-String £110 £
Brazilian £130 £
Hollywood £140 £
Buttocks (whole) £110 £
Full Face £120 £
1/2 Arm (lower) £120 £
1/2 Arm (top) £125 £
Abdomen £140 £
Shoulders £90 £
Back (lower or upper) £130 £
Large Areas
1/2 Leg (lower inc. knees) £165 £
1/2 Leg (top) £175 £
Full Arm (exc. Hands) £180 £
Extra Large Areas
Full Leg (exc. Feet & Toes) £250 £
Back (full) £200 £
Full Back & Shoulders £250 £
Small Areas Single
Neck £80 £ £
Fingers & Toes £50 £ £
Nose or Ear or Centre Brow £45 £ £
Nipples £40 £ £
Navel Line £55 £ £
Medium Areas
Peri Anal £65 £ £
Feet or Hands (inc. Toes / Fingers) £55 £ £
Underarms £80 £ £
Shoulders £90 £ £
1/2 Arm (lower) £120 £ £
1/2 Arm (top) £125 £ £
Large Areas
Back (lower or upper) £130 £ £
Beard £90 £ £
Abdomen £140 £ £
Chest £140 £ £
Hollywood £140 £ £
Buttocks (whole) £110 £ £
Full Face £120 £ £
Mankini Line £90 £ £
Brazilian £130 £ £
Full Arm (exc. Hands) £180 £ £
1/2 Leg (lower inc. knees) £136 £ £
1/2 Leg (top) £175 £ £
Extra Large Areas
Back (full) £200 £ £
Full Back & Shoulders £250 £ £
Chest & Abdomen (full frontal) £230 £ £
Chest & Shoulders £230 £ £
Full Leg (exc. Feet & Toes) £250 £ £

Google Reviews

  • I have been looking for a hair removal salon since leaving NYC. A lot of beauty salons use mediocre wax, however at Strip they use the proper black wax which is the best and most comfortable way to remove hair it is also super quick. Staff could not have been more friendly helpful and professional. I will definitely be returning to Strip!

  • Honestly the best intimate waxing in London. Quick and as pain-free as it’s gonna get. My favourite therapist is Luciana – she’s such a pro and makes the whole experience easy and stress-free.

  • My fourth wax at Strip and as always a positive experience! All the ladies are so lovely, professional and knowledgeable, doing whatever they can to ensure you get the best results and have the best experience – I could not recommend Strip enough! Can’t wait to go back again!

  • Got a Brazilian here and it’s the most painless waxing experience I’ve ever had. Also very good wax job, and she really made me feel relaxed and comfortable too… which is not easy when you’re half naked getting waxed! Will def go back.

  • Best waxing experience I’ve ever had! Martina was wonderful and the products they use are amazing and make a really comfortable experience. I’m a customer for life.

  • Absolutely amazing wax with Martina today. The whole experience from Terri on reception to the treatment was fantastic and I cannot recommend this salon enough. Having recently undergone extensive surgery for Crohn’s disease, I was nervous for my first wax in a few years and Martina was just amazing she listened to me and made me feel totally relaxed and in safe hands. The wax they use is fantastic and you barely feel a thing. Can’t wait to come back!

  • I could pay less than half the price at a local salon but always have my treatments done with you because you’re the best I’ve found. You always make it as comfortable as possible and I really, really appreciate your hygiene standards. The things I’ve seen at other salons make me cringe, but your therapists are meticulously clean. A touch of luxury helps make it a much more pleasant experience too! Thanks!

  • Have been coming here for over 5 years when I had my first ever Hollywood – I was scared and nervous! It is one of the best salons around – great products, calming atmosphere and fabulous staff. Nicole has made my laser experience so much fun and has always listened to any need I’ve had, she is precise, considerate and a joy to be around! The manager Hannah is also the best and is very thoughtful and kind. Would definitely recommend to any and all friends/family.

  • This place is awesome. Every time I’ve come they have offered top notch service. They make me super comfortable, they are beyond friendly, and the wax is done to perfection. All of the Strip locations are great but I think the City location is the best for customer service and friendliness. Highly recommend everyone go here for!!

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