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Eyebrows on fleek?

Brows have come a long way since the noughties…. The days of teeny, inch long caterpillars slowly migrating across your forehead are a distant memory – or perhaps not if you were a prolific over-plucker… (keep reading, all is not lost!) In previous decades we  noticed a real ‘eyebrow of the era’ but now, as with fashion and beauty in general – anything goes! Eyebrows are a powerful way of really changing your face shape and showing off your personality. Be it bold and bushy a la Cara or sleek and slinky like Kendall, once you find your perfect shape you won’t look back!

At Strip this month we’re offering a discount on our famous WOW Brows treatments. Our brow beautifiers spend a whole 30 minutes measuring, tinting, waxing and thickening your brows to deliver your best brows yet! You can book here > (mention this blog post to get your treatment for just £30).

We’ve also been speaking to our best brow shapers and have come up with the ultimate eyebrow guide. Read on to find out what your eyebrow shapes says about you:


Brilliant for  longer faces if you want to give the illusion of fuller features. They can give quite a masculine effect so chances are you’re pretty confident and self-assured in your beauty choices and attitude. Your friends and family think of you as super reliable and trustworthy  – you’re the perfect person to have around when things get hectic.

Curved with a soft arch

A gently curved brow is brilliant at creating balance in the face. They can also help soften a pointed chin or a prominent jaw.  You’re a creative spirit but like to avoid too much drama and keep out of the spotlight. You’re a loyal friend and and your gal pals rely on your sound advice for boy, work and beauty troubles.

A high arch

Arched brows can take the emphasis away from the side of the face and can lengthen a round or square jawline. You have a strong work ethic, you’re not afraid to fight for what you believe in and can be a bit of a risk-taker. Take care to make sure you’re competitive nature doesn’t make you appear stand-offish or even worse, lead you astray!

Slim brows

Thin, soft angled brows work brilliantly with an oval or heart shaped face. They can draw attention away from a larger forehead and soften any harsh angles.  A thinner brow often points to a sensitive side, whether it’s people or animals your known as a bit of a softie and can often be found snuggled on the sofa, with a good book or box set.

Thicker brows

These suit any type of face shape and can be a brilliant way of getting noticed or drawing attention away from features that you aren’t so keen on. You’re not afraid of letting your personality shine out – you’re a true beauty lover, with a brilliant smile to match. You’re used to getting your own way and love being the centre of attention.


For those who aren’t near one of our salons we have a few DIY tips you can try at home tp get your brows in tip top condition:

Go easy on the makeup remover

A specialist eye make-up remover can really help thin or brittle brows and lashes. You’d never skip on the hair conditioner so why not give your brows the same TLC. Try our Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser at just £18.00 and see if you can notice a difference. It removes all traces of make-up with a lightweight gel texture and contains silk proteins to improve the structure of hard-working brows and lashes.

Find the best light

It’s really important to try and find a good source of natural light when tackling brows yourself. You’ll be able to see any gaps or stray hairs much more clearly, which will mean you’re less likely to get carried away with the tweezers and can get a more defined result.

Help is at hand

If you’re looking to thicken your brows, there are some amazing cosmetics on the market to make this process super quick and easy. Our favourite is the Cherry Blooms Fibre Brow Kit. Available in 4 shades to match your skin tone, the easy-to-use brush adds fibres to your brows to make them appear thicker and fuller. The smudge-proof formula will stay put all day but is easy to remove with a good cleanser.

Get mathematical

We ‘heart’ science! There’s an actual equation for awesome brows. Get a piece of cotton (dental floss will do). Place  the thread  by the outside edge of your nose and pull up towards your brows in a straight line – this is where your brows should start. Next find where your arch should be – keeping the thread by the side of your nose, angle it across your eye, just past your iris. Mark on your skin with a pencil where it hits your eyebrow – this is the highest peak for your brow. Finally find the end point – take your piece of thread to the outside corner of your eye and place a final mark here to show where your brows should finish.

There are plenty of videos on youtube if it all sounds too complicated!

Happy BROWSing xx













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  • This place is awesome. Every time I’ve come they have offered top notch service. They make me super comfortable, they are beyond friendly, and the wax is done to perfection. All of the Strip locations are great but I think the City location is the best for customer service and friendliness. Highly recommend everyone go here for!!

  • Hands down the best wax I have ever had. This was my first time going to Strip and there was no pain whatsoever and it was over so quickly! I have very sensitive skin and am always in pain whenever I get a wax however, I had none of these issues here! Will 100% be back.

  • Just had my very first Brazilian wax and was pretty nervous, but Isobel put me at ease straight away. I felt really cared for and it wasn’t embarrassing at all; and not anywhere near as painful as I’d feared.

    I’ve signed up for their special offer of 5 for the price of 4. Isobel has completely changed the way I think about waxing. Thank you!

  • I could pay less than half the price at a local salon but always have my treatments done with you because you’re the best I’ve found. You always make it as comfortable as possible and I really, really appreciate your hygiene standards. The things I’ve seen at other salons make me cringe, but your therapists are meticulously clean. A touch of luxury helps make it a much more pleasant experience too! Thanks!

  • I have been going to Strip Wax for years, and it never disappoints. They always do an excellent job, and make the experience as pain free as waxing allows. Staff are always really helpful, the rooms are gorgeous and they use great products. Would highly recommend.

  • My fourth wax at Strip and as always a positive experience! All the ladies are so lovely, professional and knowledgeable, doing whatever they can to ensure you get the best results and have the best experience – I could not recommend Strip enough! Can’t wait to go back again!

  • Amazing hot wax as always! I’ve been coming to Strip for ages now and even though I’ve moved away from the area, I always make the journey because it’s more than worth it for a top class wax and as pain free an experience as a hot waxing can be. All the staff are always lovely and welcoming. Thanks ladies!

  • This was my first Hollywood Wax and I was nervous. The reception staff were extremely helpful with my questions beforehand. Holly my waxing technician, was extremely friendly, helpful and really put me at ease. It hurt a little, but nothing to how I thought it was going to and it was over very quickly. Definitely will be coming back! Thank you to the whole team for a fantastic service!

  • Absolutely amazing wax with Martina today. The whole experience from Terri on reception to the treatment was fantastic and I cannot recommend this salon enough. Having recently undergone extensive surgery for Crohn’s disease, I was nervous for my first wax in a few years and Martina was just amazing she listened to me and made me feel totally relaxed and in safe hands. The wax they use is fantastic and you barely feel a thing. Can’t wait to come back!

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