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Get Ready for Summer


What’s your idea of a fun summer? It’s certainly not spending it using shavers, and/or plucking unwanted hair, right? An idea of a perfect summer is most definitely about tropical island getaways, breezy sundresses, a natural tan, and pure fun under the sun. Of course, it’s not fun to wear bikinis or show bare skin when you have unwanted hair peeking out and ruining a good Instagram shot. One of the best ways to make summer perfect is to ditch your razor and tweezers for good and opting for laser hair removal!

While a razor can do a quick job, hair grows back the next day. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it also can cause the hair tips to be cut at an angle, making it even easier for the hair to penetrate back into the skin as it grows and increase your risk of a razor bump outbreak. It’s not only annoying but also a hassle, not to mention the stubble… Laser hair removal is the way to achieve permanent hair reduction. Unlike waxing lasts longer than shaving because it pulls the hair from the roots and will make your skin feel smoother longer without feeling itchy, because of slower hair regrowth. Although waxing will give you a clean look right when you need for those who want to achieve a reduction of hair, laser hair removal has longer lasting results.

As body hair has different growth phases, you’ll need more than one treatment to remove unwanted hair. Regrowth will still occur after the initial treatments, but the hair will be softer and lighter than the original hair. Over time, you will experience a reduction of hair quantity in the target area.

Another reason to try laser hair removal is its cost-effectiveness. In waxing requires repeat treatment over a lifetime, and therefore works out not only significantly more time consuming, but also much more expensive. We recommend six to eight sessions of laser hair removal for maximum results. It is cheaper than a lifetime of buying razors or hair removal creams. It’s even more cost-effective when you want to remove unwanted hair all over your body.


Prepare Summer Now

If you want to have smooth, silky legs in time for summer, the best time to start the treatment is now when your skin is not exposed to the sun. Within two sessions before summer, you will notice an important hair reduction.

Come in for a free consultation at Strip Wax Bar to start your summer preparations as early as now.

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