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Laser Hair Removal: The Most Effective Hair Removal Treatment for Flawless Smooth Skin

Everything you need to know about laser hair removal staying silky soft and hair-free for longer.

So what exactly is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is an effective way of putting an end to the usual round of shaving or applying hair-removal creams. It can get rid of many of those more embarrassing elements like naval hair, facial hair and bikini line pruning. Older machines were only suitable for certain skin or hair types but advances in technology and the medical grade Candela Laser system that we use at Strip, mean that this safe and effective solution is accessible to many more people.

What’s the process?

The laser targets the dark pigment in the hair follicle so hair needs to be present for it to work (which is why you can only shave, not wax or pluck before your treatment). All hair grows in a three cycle phase which is many areas need more than treatment; only 85% of hairs are in the correct phase at any time to be removed so you need to return to catch any pesky ones when they are rotating into the right part of their cycle. (For those who like the details, the responsive phase is called anagen).

And how long does it take?

Our specialist laser clinics are available in our Notting Hill, Chelsea and Islington branches so pop in to your preferred salon for a complementary consultation to assess your skin type and when you’re ready, a patch test. Our therapists will talk through your concerns and create a bespoke package to tie in with your lifestyle and timeframes.

Standard hair removal can take from 3 to 6 sessions, (but those little thigh thread veins ruining your bikini look can also be treated by laser and sometimes only take one treatment to disappear.  The hair growth cycles take 6 weeks so treatments will usually be 5- 6 weeks apart.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?
We use the best, medical grade hair removal system on the market, Candela, which has the highest peak power of any laser used in hair removal. It has been used for years by medical professionals and our therapists are trained to the highest level to skilfully use the laser to destroy the hair follicle, making it near impossible for hair to return. This is why you need gaps between the treatments; to allow the hair that needs treating next to grow and be ready to react to the laser).

Will it hurt?

The unique cooling system makes it much more comfortable than a standard laser. Our customers describe the sensation as either completely pain free or of feeling a short ‘snap’ sensation, so super-sensitive skins may wish to take an antihistamine or painkiller before the treatment to de-sensitise the area. You may notice a little redness for up to two hours afterwards, depending on the area that has been treated.

Where else can laser hair removal be applied?

In theory, full body laser removal is possible, although some areas (such as the top lip) are very delicate so we will review each client case by case. Bikini line laser hair removal and facial laser hair removal are particularly popular with our customers but you can treat any area that bothers you from toes to underarms.

(Increasingly laser hair removal for men is becoming popular, with laser back hair removal and chest area particularly in demand).

Do I need to do anything to prepare for it? And are there any side effects?

Shave the area before hand and between sessions but don’t do anything to remove the hair or pigment; so bleaching, waxing and plucking are out. Afterwards we recommend that you avoid tanning for at least two weeks and ensure that you wear a high protection suncream every day. Be nice to your skin; use pH balanced washes to protect the skin’s natural barrier such as Lycon warm rather than boiling showers, using sunscreen (at least 30SPF) and don’t be tempted to wax of pluck which can irritate the hair follicle. If you want to de-fuzz between treatments surface removal is fine; such as creams or shaving. Don’t use anything astringent or abrasive, so keep the aggressive deodorants and perfumes at bay for a day or two. You may also experience short, stubble-like hairs but these are usually the dead hairs leaving the follicle.

We adhere to the highest standards to ensure our laser hair removal is safe and our therapist will use the patch test to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. Again, talk through any concerns with us at your consultation so you can sit back and enjoy the process. And the results.

What’s the Cost of Laser Hair Removal?

Hair removal costs depend upon the number of treatments, but we have packages that start from £80 pounds for a single underarm treatment.

We offer tailor-made packages for legs to envy in our Notting Hill, Chelsea and Islington salons.

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  • I could pay less than half the price at a local salon but always have my treatments done with you because you’re the best I’ve found. You always make it as comfortable as possible and I really, really appreciate your hygiene standards. The things I’ve seen at other salons make me cringe, but your therapists are meticulously clean. A touch of luxury helps make it a much more pleasant experience too! Thanks!

  • Best waxing experience I’ve ever had! Martina was wonderful and the products they use are amazing and make a really comfortable experience. I’m a customer for life.

  • I have been going to Strip Wax for years, and it never disappoints. They always do an excellent job, and make the experience as pain free as waxing allows. Staff are always really helpful, the rooms are gorgeous and they use great products. Would highly recommend.

  • Absolutely amazing wax with Martina today. The whole experience from Terri on reception to the treatment was fantastic and I cannot recommend this salon enough. Having recently undergone extensive surgery for Crohn’s disease, I was nervous for my first wax in a few years and Martina was just amazing she listened to me and made me feel totally relaxed and in safe hands. The wax they use is fantastic and you barely feel a thing. Can’t wait to come back!

  • This place is awesome. Every time I’ve come they have offered top notch service. They make me super comfortable, they are beyond friendly, and the wax is done to perfection. All of the Strip locations are great but I think the City location is the best for customer service and friendliness. Highly recommend everyone go here for!!

  • I have been looking for a hair removal salon since leaving NYC. A lot of beauty salons use mediocre wax, however at Strip they use the proper black wax which is the best and most comfortable way to remove hair it is also super quick. Staff could not have been more friendly helpful and professional. I will definitely be returning to Strip!

  • Got a Brazilian here and it’s the most painless waxing experience I’ve ever had. Also very good wax job, and she really made me feel relaxed and comfortable too… which is not easy when you’re half naked getting waxed! Will def go back.

  • Hands down the best wax I have ever had. This was my first time going to Strip and there was no pain whatsoever and it was over so quickly! I have very sensitive skin and am always in pain whenever I get a wax however, I had none of these issues here! Will 100% be back.

  • Michaela is hands down the best wax therapist I have ever had. She literally is the best. I am never disappointed when my appointment is with her. She’s professional, quick and always does an immaculate job. I actually look forward to my appointments which is quite rare. I can’t recommend her enough!

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