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Myths about laser hair removal

It’s totally OK to have body hair, but if you do decide to remove it… Laser hair removal is a popular procedure that women and men can book at Strip. Yet, there are still big misconceptions tied to the treatment.

MYTH: Laser hair removal has not been proven safe.

FACT: Laser hair removal safety depends on the type of laser system being used. The FDA has approved certain laser hair removal systems, so you’ll want to be sure that you’re going to a board-certified dermatologist using one of the FDA-accredited laser systems.

MYTH: All laser technicians and their techniques are the same.

FACT: Experienced and skilled laser technicians can make all the difference. Length of treatment, discomfort during the procedure, and ideal results can be affected by the level of expertise and experience of your practitioner.

MYTH: You must be close-shaven before getting laser hair removal. Most of clients prefer to shave the areas where they will get laser treatment, it isn’t uncommon for the aesthetician to shave an area such as the bikini line.

FACT: It takes more than one laser hair removal session to see a significant reduction in hair growth. Laser hair removal works as a continuous process of removing the hair follicle of the given area over a specific amount of time. The professional notes that you should start to see results within two weeks of your first treatment. As the hair grows back slower, it will be very patchy. It is recommended for clients to space their sessions four to six weeks apart, to see the best results. Each session reduces hair growth by 10 to 15 percent.

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