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Spotlight on Revitalash

Last month alone Google searches for ‘fake or false eyelashes’ topped 1 million! We’re a nation obsessed with the search for longer, more lustrous lashes. Everyone at Strip has their own secret for longer lashes; some swear by lash primers, others rely on their eyelash curlers but we’re all in agreement that Revitalash is a true wonder product. If you’ve ever toyed with false lashes in the past – whether it’s professional extensions or falsies you stick on at home, they’re not without their flaws. They can look great for a few days but are you doing more harm than good to your existing lashes?

Enter Revitalash.

Developed by Ophthalmologist, Dr Brinkenhoff, Revitalash was inspired by his wife who was looking for products to enhance the eyes and maximise natural beauty. The main objective of the Revitalash range is to revitalise the mind, body and spirit and the brand has grown over time to be trusted by many leading facialists, spas and salons.

Revitalash uses clinically proven technology to strengthen brows and eyelashes. It hydrates, protects and improves elasticity to enhance flexibility, prevent brittleness and breakage. It has won multiple industry awards including Instyle, Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible and many more.


The stats all sound great so we put it to the test! Becky, our buyer signed up to trial Revitalash for a month to see if she could notice a difference…

3 days in

It’s been a bit of a struggle to remember to use it every day but I honestly think it is starting to work already. My lashes seem healthier overall – more shiny, flexible and I feel like I am losing less lashes when I remove my eye makeup.


2 weeks in

I am officially an addict! I have heard that some people had to wait a couple of months to see the results so I must be one of the lucky ones! I can see a noticeable difference in the length of my eyelashes and have even had a couple of people asking if I am wearing false lashes. Hooray!


1 month in

Some other reviewers did say like their lashes got fuller but I haven’t really noticed this – maybe this takes longer to become obvious. My lashes continue to look long and lustrous which is great and I would 100% recommend this product – it’s so great to actually be able to see noticeable difference from a beauty product.

If you’re on a quest for longer lashes this is THE one product you need in your life! You can buy Revitalash in store or online here. Let us know your thoughts!

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