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Pregnancy Waxing: Biggest Myths Debunked

We hear a lot of crazy *facts* about hair removal services – who can and who can’t have certain treatments, times of the month you supposedly should never get a bikini wax, and that waxing can apparently give you wrinkles? Not sure who came up with that one, but your collagen is definitely in good hands at Strip.

However, one we regularly hear, that definitely needs to be addressed, is that you “absolutely shouldn’t” get a wax while you’re pregnant. Keep reading to hear Strip de-bunk and dispel the most common myths surrounding pregnancy waxing, and finally put any concerns you have to bed.

Myth 1: It’s not safe to have a wax when you’re pregnant.

WRONG. A regular question we receive at Strip is whether women can have wax treatments, specifically intimate waxing, whilst pregnant. The answer? Absolutely! You can continue to book in for your wax appointments throughout your entire pregnancy.

There is no evidence to suggest that waxing during pregnancy is at all unsafe. At Strip we use Lycon, which is perfect for you expectant mothers as it moulds to your curves, whilst also protecting your skin.

Myth 2: Women aren’t interested in getting waxed during pregnancy.

WRONG. Many women are still very interested in keeping up their beauty routine during pregnancy, no matter how far along they are, especially as shaving is often a no go during pregnancy. Not just because shaving causes ingrown hairs and disrupts your ‘hair cycle’, but the further along you get in your pregnancy the harder it is to reach that precious area!

Plus, there is nothing wrong with preparation! Just like you prepare your hospital bag, your route to the hospital, many women like to get beautified before they give birth, and for many that includes getting waxed down there. And why shouldn’t they? At Strip, we’re all about personal choice, whether that’s going au-natural or completely hair free, we’re here to help.

Myth 3: Waxing is WAY more painful when you’re pregnant.

WRONG (ish). Lets face it, waxing is never a completely pain-free experience. And your skin can be more sensitive during pregnancy due to all those hormonal changes. But at Strip, our expert therapists can minimise pain dramatically, using our wax and service which is specifically designed for expectant mothers.

We are here to prepare and pamper your intimate area up to a week before the pushing begins and can even provide custom wax blends for each individual guest. We also have superior quality beds which can be adjusted to support tummies of all shapes and sizes.

So, the truth is simple: there are no risks while waxing during pregnancy. Other than the skin maybe being slightly more sensitive, the rest is 100% safe!

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