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The New Beauty Consumer

The success of the men’s beauty market is hard to track since a good portion of what the consumer buys is unisex. Men have always been interested in haircare and shaving. However, with the taboos slowly dropping, a growing number of men are using variety of beauty products and their interest in (aesthetic) treatments is increasing.

At Strip we value equality and we pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service at all times. All our treatments are tailored to individual customer’s needs in order to make your visit as enjoyable, quick and painless as possible.

We are very well aware that finding the right place for a comfortable treatment can be difficult so we met with our regular, James Barley –  35 year old London based blogger, specialising in mens lifestyle and photography. We talked about beauty industry, lifestyle choices and why is Strip his go-to grooming destination.

Where do you think male grooming is heading to in the next couple of years?

I think this depends on what age group are we talking about.

In my age group 35+ is all about maintenance; not trying to look too young and not trying to get ready for a grave just yet.

It’s about making sure that I look good at the age that I am by looking after internal as well as external. So making sure my diet is up to scratch, making sure I drink enough water and most importantly making sure I don’t have those stray hair growing from my big bushy eyebrows, ears and my nostrils. (laughs)

You recently visited Strip. Could you tell us a bit about your experience and why you chose Strip?

I went to Strip because I was in need of some help. I’ve foolishly gone to a local salon near my work – it was just cheap, easy and more convenient than heading to town. But I didn’t like what they’ve done so I made sure I got myself a pre-holiday appointment at Strip.

What I really appreciate about Strip is that they give you a genuine, honest answers. So they put my mind at ease (I felt one brow was a bit shorter and smaller than the other). They kind of filled me with trust, which I think it is really important when you’re getting that intimate with somebody and especially when this somebody is going to define they way you look.

On top of that it is so easy to book appointments online, go in and just get the service done. Oh, and the staff is really nice and the conversations are always pleasant.

Would you consider any aesthetic treatments, such as micro needling, laser hair removal, etc? 

Yes, I would definitely consider those. I think the micro needling sounds the most appealing because I like the idea of rejuvenating aspect of it. I fell that I am now at an age that all these years that I’ve spent on the sun in my early 20s was probably a massive mistake. Trying to get tanned probably damaged my skin and I want to try to reverse that and really take care of myself.

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