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Tips for regular laser clients in lockdown

Laser Hair Removal London Underarm

Are you one of our regular laser clients at Strip and not too sure what you should be doing with your hair and skin during lockdown? Well, our Head of Education, Terri, has pulled together some tips for you to ensure you keep your skin and hair in tip-top condition ready for your next laser session with us.

Exfoliate your skin once a week and moisturise daily!

Don’t let your skin dry out! Ensure you moisturise regularly to help your skin recover. If your skin becomes too dry then this could prolong the treatment and become difficult to treat. Lockdown is the perfect time to prep and pamper your skin! So go ahead and enjoy those regular baths and self-care days!

Do not use wax, epilate or use hair removal creams!

The hair cycle will become disrupted and the laser won’t be as effective. Meaning you may need even more laser appointments to get the outcome you want!

Shave if necessary!

There is a misconception that if you shave more, then the hair will grow back quicker. However, this isn’t the case with laser hair removal, as it destroys the follicles directly and therefore shaving the hair won’t affect the rate of hair growth. So, if you’re absolutely desperate to have smooth skin in lockdown, then shaving as a laser user is a-ok with us. (Definitely NOT for our wax clients though!!)

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