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The rise and rise of male grooming

Male grooming is on the up. The stats on male waxing show that our salons have seen an increase of 130% in male waxing over the last year alone – in fact it even has it’s own name: Manscaping. So who are these well-groomed metrosexual men? Certainly not the boyfriends of the girls in the Strip office- despite multiple hints, and Sunday nights of back plucking (*sigh), our guys just aren’t getting the hint that taking care of your body is in and stray ear hairs are out. We’ve been delving into the figures and can now reveal the top male treatments and how you can get you guy looking groomed.


A few fun facts to get you started:

Our top male treatment is a full back wax.

A hairy chest is often seen as a sign of masculinity and some men and women find it very attractive however we are yet to meet anyone who is a fan of a hairy back. We usually use strip wax for this treatment, it takes about 30 mins, is relatively pain free and many of clients notice that the hair grows back thinner and finer.


Male Hollywoods/Brazilians

One of the main benefits of intimate waxing is that you don’t get the itchy re-growth associated with shaving and you’ll also notice less ingrown hairs. As with back waxing you’ll often notice that after just a few waxes, much less hair grows back and where it does, it’s thinner and softer (and easier to pull out on the next wax). As this area of the body tends to be quite warm and dare we say it, a bit sweaty, it can often feel cleaner to remove the hair from these intimate areas. Plus you’re likely to get a good response from spouses and girlfriends. You know the saying: The shorter the grass, the taller the tree…



These treatments take about 10 minutes and you will barely notice a twinge. Our therapists use hot wax on these fiddly areas which means they coat the area in a thick, warm wax, wait a minute or so for it to cool down (and attach the hair) and then whip it off, pulling the hair out in one go. Let us re-assure that not one of our front desk staff or therapists will bat an eyelid if you book in for these treatments. About a quarter of our clients are male and we have men in out of our salons daily. Benefits of these treatment include:

  1. You save time on plucking out odd stray hairs
  2. Eyebrow waxing can really help open out your face, make you look more awake, younger and even happier!
  3. Nose waxing = less bogeys on show
  4. Ear waxing means you won’t look like your grandad

Find your nearest salon and get that wax booked in today >


Now on to skincare. Most modem men will admit to using a facial moisturiser and maybe even a beard oil or eye cream but there’s a whole host of other products that can have maximum results with minimum effort.


Lycon Body Exfoliant  

Any beauty addict knows the power of a good scrub but if you can get your guy to use this in the shower they’ll really notice a different. It will buff away those dry patches, help prevent ingrowns and make skin noticeably softer and smoother – particularly on their back which often receives very little attention. Shop now >


Lycon Anti Bump Foaming Gel

If your man suffers from bumps or blemishes on their body get them to try this wonder wash. It’s formulated with carefully chosen purifying ingredients and is highly effective in combating ingrown hairs, blemishes, congested pores and bumpy skin. It’s also pH balanced so can be used as an intimate wash. Shop now >


Lycon Ingrown X-it solution

If you have ingrown hairs this product will be your saviour. It lightly exfoliates, decongests and helps minimise the appearance and discomfort of ingrown hairs.  At the same time, it soothes angry looking red spots and moisturises. Not just a post waxing treatment, this can be used a several times a week to minimise ingrowns after shaving. Shop now >


No Scream Cream

Those considering their first male Brazilian or Hollywood may find this a useful purchase. Whilst we do everything we can to minimise discomfort and pride ourselves on virtually pain free waxing those with a low pain threshold may want a back-up option,. This mild anaesthetic cream temporarily prevents and relieves the pain associated with waxing by up to 80%. Shop now >


We hope this helps your cause ladies!

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Google Reviews

  • My fourth wax at Strip and as always a positive experience! All the ladies are so lovely, professional and knowledgeable, doing whatever they can to ensure you get the best results and have the best experience – I could not recommend Strip enough! Can’t wait to go back again!

  • This place is awesome. Every time I’ve come they have offered top notch service. They make me super comfortable, they are beyond friendly, and the wax is done to perfection. All of the Strip locations are great but I think the City location is the best for customer service and friendliness. Highly recommend everyone go here for!!

  • This was my first Hollywood Wax and I was nervous. The reception staff were extremely helpful with my questions beforehand. Holly my waxing technician, was extremely friendly, helpful and really put me at ease. It hurt a little, but nothing to how I thought it was going to and it was over very quickly. Definitely will be coming back! Thank you to the whole team for a fantastic service!

  • Have been coming here for over 5 years when I had my first ever Hollywood – I was scared and nervous! It is one of the best salons around – great products, calming atmosphere and fabulous staff. Nicole has made my laser experience so much fun and has always listened to any need I’ve had, she is precise, considerate and a joy to be around! The manager Hannah is also the best and is very thoughtful and kind. Would definitely recommend to any and all friends/family.

  • I could pay less than half the price at a local salon but always have my treatments done with you because you’re the best I’ve found. You always make it as comfortable as possible and I really, really appreciate your hygiene standards. The things I’ve seen at other salons make me cringe, but your therapists are meticulously clean. A touch of luxury helps make it a much more pleasant experience too! Thanks!

  • Honestly the best intimate waxing in London. Quick and as pain-free as it’s gonna get. My favourite therapist is Luciana – she’s such a pro and makes the whole experience easy and stress-free.

  • Just had my very first Brazilian wax and was pretty nervous, but Isobel put me at ease straight away. I felt really cared for and it wasn’t embarrassing at all; and not anywhere near as painful as I’d feared.

    I’ve signed up for their special offer of 5 for the price of 4. Isobel has completely changed the way I think about waxing. Thank you!

  • Amazing hot wax as always! I’ve been coming to Strip for ages now and even though I’ve moved away from the area, I always make the journey because it’s more than worth it for a top class wax and as pain free an experience as a hot waxing can be. All the staff are always lovely and welcoming. Thanks ladies!

  • Hands down the best wax I have ever had. This was my first time going to Strip and there was no pain whatsoever and it was over so quickly! I have very sensitive skin and am always in pain whenever I get a wax however, I had none of these issues here! Will 100% be back.

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