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Say no to shaving in lockdown

Fighting the fuzz during lockdown? Missing your regular wax with us and not sure what to do until our boutiques can open again?

Well, the answer is a resounded, NO to shaving.
We take you through the reasons why, and what you can do until we can open our boutiques again to our wonderful clients.

So, what’s the deal with being anti-razor?

It can ruin your hairs ‘cycle’

If you’re a regular waxer in our salons then you’ll know how much difference it makes to your experience once you get into a rhythm of waxing. If you then shave, the hair growth will be inconsistent and harder to maintain, plus harder to wax as the hair will be uneven.

Your next wax will be more painful

The hair cycle has been disturbed after shaving, and the hair can become thicker and denser after shaving. When you next come in for your wax, it will take longer and be more difficult to remove the hairs – which can cause a more painful experience! With shaving, there is a higher risk of a rash forming too. And no one wants that…

Shaving can cause ingrown hairs

If you’re out of your normal wax routine and suddenly shave, then the hairs can become ingrown, causing irritation, swelling and those annoying red bumps.

Terri, our Head of Education, and top waxer says:

“As tempting as it can be, try not to shave. This is the perfect time to let you hair grow out. If you really can’t stand the hair, have you considered a bikini trimmer? This will trim the hairs down enough to make it look more groomed while you’re waiting to get in and have you wax. Keep on top of maintaining a regular skincare and exfoliation routine too as this will help keep the skin in good condition and to fight any ingrown hairs.”

So, whilst we know it’s really tempting to pick up that razor – don’t!

Plus, whilst we’re all in lockdown this is the perfect time to relax, focus on your skincare routine and let your hair just grow out so when you come back it will be a more effective waxing experience.

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